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Chad Goodroad, U.S., '09

Chad was a Rotary Exchange student in France (04-05) and aspires to work for an international NGO. He hopes to learn how McKean operates and apply his English and political science majors.


This past week has been full of sightseeing and gardening in the beautiful northern region of Thailand, Chiang Mai. Everyone is doing well and the people here are even warmer than the weather. This is just a quick hello to let everyone know that the trip is going smoothly but expect more updates in the next couple days.


All is well here in Beautiful Bangkok and not only did everyone arrive safely but all appear to be adjusting well to the heat!! These first few days have allowed us to overcome jetlag and become more familiar with the Thai way of life. One word to describe the trip thus far - delicous. Chicken and rice for breakfast, Pai Thai for lunch, fried shrimp for dinner and everything else in between!!! Every morning brings with it a new fruit even sweeter and juicier than the next.

It wouldn't be fair to go on describing the food, although one could do so quite easily. Last night, we bargained at the night market in downtown Bangkok and sat in a park watching as America lost its first game of the World Cup. Today, we took a riverboat ride through the city stopping off for chilled Thai coffee and coconut juice. Here I go again, talking about food! We haven't lost anybody yet, but we're working on it (hint, Luyen!)

The group is getting along well and has been keeping Luyen on his toes, stopping to look at purses here and temples there while he weaves his way through the crowds admiring the city he lived in not too long ago. This evening, we will be heading up to Chiang Mai where we will spend the next two and a half weeks working in the McKean center. If the people there are as nice as they have been in Bangkok, it will surely be a great few weeks.

Well, time is running out on my internet cafe computer and I only have so many Baht! We will keep up with the news of all that is going on here in Thailand.
Sawadee Krap,
Chad Goodroad and the rest of the Lilly Group