Vol. 2, No. 1, December 2005

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Calls for Applications and Proposals
Lilly Sustainability Grant
Summer Vocational Interns
Bible Camp Students
Urban Pilgrimage to NYC in January
Lilly Program Committee Members

Calls for Applications and Proposals

Lilly Vocational Scholar 2006-2007
Members of the St. Olaf faculty, particularly those in the departments of philosophy and religion, have well-established records of scholarship on topics relating to the theological/spiritual consideration of vocation. To facilitate this scholarship in an intentional way, the Lilly Program has created the position of the Lilly Vocational Scholar. Funds provided by the program allow released time of one course in each semester to the Lilly Vocational Scholar to enable publishable academic scholarship on the theological/spiritual consideration of vocation. The current scholar is L. DeAne Lagerquist and past scholar is Doug Schuurman. For more information on this opportunity, click here.

Lilly Teaching Fellows 2006-2007
The Lilly grant, “Lives of Worth and Service,” provides funding for up to five Teaching Fellows in each of the five years of the grant. One faculty member in each of the five Faculties of the college may receive one course-release to reflect upon and prepare teaching and other materials about the vocation of and the spiritual implications of working within specific academic disciplines or career paths. For more information on this opportunity and examples of current teaching fellow courses, click here.

Lilly Sustainability Grant

The Lilly Endowment has invited St. Olaf to submit a grant proposal to "assist in securing the gains made in implementing its theological exploration of vocation" program. This grant would allow St. Olaf to continue components of its "Lives of Worth and Service" program and to explore ways to institutionalize these initiatives. The current grant funds will expire on June 30, 2008. This grant would extend some of the existing programs for an additional three years, while in that time, the college explores ways to continue the programs indefinitely. The grant would provide up to $500,000 with a 100% match requirement.

At President Thomforde's request we have convened a task force to draft a proposal for the Lilly Endowment. Members of the task force are listed below.

Sustainability Task Force:
Bruce Dalgaard
Janet Thompson
Kurt Stimeling
Bruce Benson
Pat Smith
DeAne Lagerquist
Paddy Dale
Elizabeth Musselman
Rich DuRocher
Doug Schurrman
Arnie Ostebee
Jim May, ex. officio

Observations you might have about components of the program that are working particularly well or aspects of a vocational discernment initiative that we should look more closely at integrating into the sustainability grant are what will prove most helpful for the task force. Comments and suggestions should be directed to Bruce Dalgaard.

Summer Vocational Interns

For three years now, the Lilly Program and Office of Church Relations have facilitated a program which allows six St. Olaf students to intern at area churches or service organizations. These internships are based on the Lutheran Volunteer Corps model of intentional community. Students live at Luther Seminary in St. Paul and intern at Minneapolis and St. Paul area churches that are particularly active in their respective communities. Students work with mentor, Randy Nelson, from Luther Seminary, who helps them gain more from the experience through intentional reflection. Read reflection pieces by three Summer 2005 Vocational Interns, Megan Remtema '07, Elizabeth Decker '06 and Jacob Erickson '06.

The students were also feature in the September edition of the St. Olaf Magazine.

Bible Camp Students

Working as a Bible/Church camp counselor can be a powerful opportunity for personal growth, service to others and discernment of one's career. For the past three summers the Lilly Program has offered stipends for students working in these positions. Lilly Program funds provide stipends for up to 15 students to supplement bible camp salaries. Read the reflection narratives from the following summer 2005 Bible Camp Stipend recipients: Rachel Bjorhus '07, Katherine Fischer '08, Tyler Hauger '08, Kelsey Holec '06, Emily Koester '08, Jacob Leibold '07, Maren Loftness '06, Sarah Meyer '08, Emily Moen '06, Marie Olson '07, Nan Onkka '08, Jennifer Tulman '07, Hannah Wallisch '07.

Urban Pilgrimage to NYC in January

The Office of Church Relations along with the Center for Experiential Learning launched a new program for six St. Olaf students to experience an urban setting through the eyes of the Church. This program will immerse students in the work with the poor and marginalized with three congregations—in Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan. Pastors Paul Block '93, Scott Kershner ‘94 and Heidi Neumark will guide and support students in this experience. Faculty emeritus, Vernon Faillettaz (Religion) will provide direction and insight for the students while accompanying them on the trip. Congratulations to the following students have been chosen for this opportunity:

Samantha Gruner '06
Jonathan Holtmeier '08
Jeffrey Hyman '07
Emily Moen '06
Nate Preisinger '08
David Thews '06

Lilly Program Committee Members

The Lilly Grant Program, "Lives of Worth and Service", is administered through the Center for Experiential Learning (CEL), but the program receives its direction from the Lilly Program Committee. This group, involving many of the same people who assisted in the preparation of the original proposal, is designed to reflect the multiple constituencies that "Lives of Worth and Service" is intended to serve. The entire Program Committee meets once each month during the academic year with program subcommittees meeting an additional one day per month. Some subcommittees meet more often when program deadlines approach or when applications for the various Lilly programs are coming due.

In general, the Lilly Program Committee oversees the administration of the Lilly grant but, more importantly, serves as the "sounding board" for new ideas and as a mechanism to direct feedback about programs to the grant administrators. The original Lilly grant was very specific and left little room for new initiatives. Some program activities have not evolved as anticipated and others have cost less than planned. As a result the Lilly Program Committee works with the program's director to propose to the Lilly Endowment new initiatives or ways to redirect funds from underutilized to high-demand programs.

Members of the St. Olaf community should feel free to contact any of the members of the Lilly Program Committee (see right column) with ideas, questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Student Workshops

January 12, 2006
3:30-4:30 p.m. OM 04 and CEL Den:  Identifying Vocational Interests Workshop (Part I- intended for 1st years)

January 18, 2006
12:30-1:30 p.m. OM 04
and CEL Den:  Identifying Vocational Interests Workshop (Part 1 - intended for first years) 

January 16, 2006
3:30-4:30 p.m. OM 04:  Choosing a Major Workshop (intended for 1st years)

Please note that pre-registration is required for these workshops. To register, call x3268.


Photo Gallery

Doug Tate, Mike Fairbourne and Ted Johnson gave a presentation on a Lilly funded International Service Trip to Peru during the O. Jay and Pat Tomson Lecture on Service, Nov. 16, 2005.

Ingria Pilgrmiage to Ingrian region of western Russia in June 2005, led by Paul Niemisto.


2005-’06 Lilly Program Committee Members

John Barbour, Martin E. Marty Chair & Religion and the Academy, Professor of Religion

Bruce Benson, College Pastor

Kirsten Cahoon, CEL Associate Director of Career Connections

Bruce Dalgaard, CEL Executive Director and Director of the Lilly Grant Program

Rich DuRocher, Professor of English

Karen Hansen, Executive Director, Center for Lifelong Learning

Eric Huseth '07, Student Member

Laura Kreider, CEL Administrator and Budget Coordinator

L. DeAne Lagerquist, Professor of Religion, Lilly Vocational Scholar

James May, Provost and Dean of the College, ex officio

Elizabeth Musselman, Pastoral Intern

Arnie Ostebee, Assistant Provost, ex officio

Patricia Smith, CEL Director of Career Connections & CEL Associate Director

Kurt Stimeling, Dean of First-Year Students

Janet Kringen Thompson, Director of Church Relations

Jacob VanScoy, Web Designer/Editor

Lexie Zimbelman '07, Student Member



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