Meditation Club

Category: Special Interest

Meditation Club meets MWF at 10:10 AM, Tues at 11:10 AM, and Thurs at 11 AM in the Burrow to practice short mindfulness meditation sessions. Meditation invokes the “relaxation response”, and allows us to cultivate an awareness of our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. We also occasionally practice longer, 45-minute meditation sessions. Our goal is to become more self-aware and more resilient to college & daily life stressors. Our club is not affiliated with a particular religion, but encompasses many meditation styles from various religious traditions. We seek to offer opportunities for students to explore spirituality in the way that is most comfortable for them personally. In addition to the act of meditation, we also discuss the spiritual teachings surrounding the specific style of meditation. This grounds the practice in context and enhances our understanding of that style.

Meetings: Chapel Time, daily

Contacts:  Treasurer Taylor Lightman (lightman), President Brian Plante (plante), Vice President Andrew Wilder (wilder)

Last Updated: 1/27/14