Real Food St. Olaf

Category: Awareness

We are an offshoot of the national Real Food Challenge Movement, which seeks to divert $1 billion of college and university food service spending to “real food” sources by 2020. Real Food Challenge defines “real food” as food that truly nourishes producers, consumers, communities, and the environment. In short, it is food that is good for everyone. It is responsible and sustainable.

Meetings: To Be Determined

Contacts:   Isaac Behrens (behrensi),  Annelise Brandel-Tanis (brandelt),  Lacey Etzkorn (etzkorn), Treasurer Hana Ferronato (ferronat),  Kate Hansen (hansekl),  Kyle Wagener (wagener), President Solvejg Wastvedt (wastveds)

Last Updated: 9/12/13