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Maren Loftness

During the Spring semester of my freshman year, I began thinking about my summer plans; and decided spend my summer at home waitressing in a restaurant. However, toward the end of the semester, I was feeling dissatisfied with my decision to return home and one night randomly began searching the Internet for summer jobs. I came across the website for Green Lake Bible Camp and submitted my application (three weeks before staff training was to begin). I was the last counselor hired. At the time, I wasn't sure why I applied to work at camp; the thought hadn't crossed my mind before the night I applied. However, I now recognize it was God at work and that He solely influenced my decision to apply.

My experiences as a camp counselor for two summers and a program director this past summer can be described in one word: amazing. As I begin my senior year, I cannot imagine what my life would be like had I not spent the past three summers working at Green Lake. Through my experiences at camp, I have witnessed campers grow in faith and have developed a personal relationship with Christ. In addition, I have strengthened my leadership skills and have gained lifelong friends. Through these experiences, camp has greatly influenced my vocational plans and my desire to serve others.

As a counselor, I worked with campers ranging from kindergarteners to seniors in high school. Although I worked with campers of varying ages, I found that each camper had the same desire: to learn about God. It was therefore my job to share with them the Gospel and my personal faith. At times, this task felt overwhelming. However, as I gained experience, I realized the importance of sharing God's love through both my words and my actions. By being a positive, loving role model, I was able to share with my campers the joy and love of Christ.

In the future, I hope to become a nurse. Although the field of nursing is not directly related to the Church, through my experiences at camp, I have learned as a nurse, I can share Christ's love by being attentive, joyful, and humble while serving patients. In addition, through working with campers, I have developed a passion for working with youth and hope to specialize in some area of pediatric nursing.

In addition, as a program director this past summer, it was my job to provide support and affirmation to my fellow staff members. Through my role as a program director, I learned the importance of being humble, patient, understanding, and positive while serving others. At times it is difficult to put the needs of others before my own. However, as a Christian, God calls us to serve and to put others before ourselves. Although I continue to struggle with my desire to serve my needs and desires before the needs of others, through my experience both as a counselor and program director, God has reveled to me what it truly means to serve others.