Campus-Wide Information System (CWIS) Policies, Standards, and Procedures

The documents linked below represent the work of the St. Olaf College CWIS Committee, appointed by the Dean of the College in late 1995 to establish policies, standards, and procedures for the operation and management of the St. Olaf College World Wide Web site and public electronic information distribution systems.

Two of the documents, The St. Olaf College Campus-Wide Information System (CWIS) Policies and St. Olaf WWW Server Standards, have been approved by the Academic Computing Policy Board and the Dean of the College and represent current official policy.

(NOTE: The graphical resources mentioned in these documents (specifically the "Official Pages Header" and "Navigation Bar") are available in the St. Olaf Web Developers Toolkit.)

Official Pages

To request a space on the Web for official college pages, complete and submit The Information Provider Agreement for Official Pages. A copy of this form is available online in Adobe Acrobat format: ip_form.pdf. Please print it, complete it, and send it to "Webmaster, ACC" via campus mail. If you prefer, you can request a paper copy of the form by e-mailing webmaster.

Personal Pages

To create a personal home page, refer to the instructions at

Personal Web Servers

Because of our campus network security, personal web servers can be accessed only from within the St. Olaf network; they are not accessible from off campus.

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